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Cover Letters for Top 16 Industries

Whatever job you’re applying for, we’ve got a cover letter for you. Here’s some examples for top industries, ready for you to use.


For jobs in this industry, emphasize your practical software and number-crunching skills, as well as your ability to work with others and multitask.

Top Accounting Cover Letter Examples:


A keen eye for detail, good organization and communication skills, and proficiency with specific software programs are all musts for this job.

Top Administrative Cover Letter Examples:

Business Operations

Focus on your ability to coordinate teams and processes, as well as your superior communications skills.

Top Business Operations Cover Letter Examples:

Customer Service

Stress your commitment to communicate with and assist people, and your ability to work as part of a team.

Top Customer Service Cover Letter Examples:


Highlight your proficiency with specific teaching subjects, education apps and software, and intangible strengths such as flexibility, communication and patience.

Top Education Cover Letter Examples:


Provide context about your training in numbers and financial principles, as well as some prime examples of how you’ve used these skills.

Top Finance Resume Examples:

Fitness and Nutrition

Give examples of how you’ve worked successfully to better others’ health and fitness, and give details on specific training you’ve had in exercise and diet programs.

Top Fitness and Nutrition Cover Letter Examples:

Food Service

Highlight your ability to provide efficient, reliable service, as well as any special training you’ve had in food preparation, delivery and customer relations.

Top Food Service Cover Letter Examples:

Healthcare and Support

Outline your medical credentials, including any degrees or training you’ve had in particular specialized fields, and stress your skill with patient interactions.

Top Healthcare and Support Cover Letter Examples:


Show how you’ve ensured customer satisfaction in previous positions, as well as any practical skills that can help you do the job, such as knowledge of payroll software.

Top Hospitality Cover Letter Examples:

Information Technology

Explain your top capabilities in computer system maintenance and management, and give examples of how you’ve successfully improved IT operations in previous jobs.

Top Information Technology Cover Letter Examples:


Put your creative side on display by giving examples of how you’ve successfully applied out-of-the-box approaches to marketing challenges.

Top Marketing Cover Letter Examples:


Provide details on job-related abilities, such as maintaining merchandise and point-of-sale systems,as well as interpersonal skills such as customer service and multi-tasking abilities.

Top Retail Cover Letter Examples:


Give concrete examples of how you’ve helped improve a company’s bottom line through your sales efforts, and feature any abilities you have with sales tracking software.

Top Sales Cover Letter Examples:

Social Services

Emphasize your ability to interact with others in positive ways, and note any training and certifications you’ve had in specialized areas such as mental health or substance abuse work.

Top Social Services Cover Letter Examples:


Mention jobs you’ve had that have contributed to efficiency in transport operations and processes, and include important related skills and certifications, such a CDL driver’s license.

Top Transportation Cover Letter Examples:

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  • Why you’re a good fit for the job
  • Your unique skills and background
  • What attracts you about the company

Find more tips for formatting your letter in our article 8 Cover Letter Formatting Don’ts.

2. Learn how to shape your content from our examples.

Note how our cover letter examples give recruiters important information right from the start, whether it’s a useful overview of your qualifications, or how you’ve connected to this opportunity via someone in the company. Our examples also demonstrate how you should use enthusiastic, active language to present yourself, and give employers a reason to contact you. For more advice on all these areas, visit our How to Write a Cover Letter section.

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