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10 Google Docs Resume Templates & How to Guide

Our wide range of professionally designed resume templates can be opened and edited in Google Docs.

Google Docs might not be the first app you think of when it comes to creating a resume, but it’s actually a sensible choice for the following reasons:

  1. Easy accessibility: You can edit and view Google Docs files from any computer or smartphone you’re signed in on.
  2. Easy sharing: No more worries about emailing documents or sending out something in a format recruiters can’t read. You can share a link to your Google doc that any prospective employer can read.
  3. Format flexibility: You can edit, upload, and download your resume from Google Docs in all major file formats, including Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and plain text.

Below we show you how to create, edit and upload your resume in Google Docs with our employer-ready templates.

Google Docs-ready Resume Templates

My Perfect Resume has dozens of resume templates you can upload and edit in Google Docs. Use them when creating and customizing your resume.


If you’re looking for a straightforward, organized, easy-to-edit layout, this template fits the bill.


This template’s bold fonts and its dash of color in the main header give it more personality than run-of-the-mill designs.


The solid headers for each resume section make scanning through this template for important information a breeze.


This template uses simple formatting, generous spacing and some strategically placed bullets. It’s best for job seekers who can highlight a solid work history.


This template stands out because of its elegant fonts, and each section is clearly delineated and easy for a recruiter to scan quickly.


For a bit more originality and an up-to-date look, go with this template, which features bold fonts and striking placement of the job applicant’s name and contact information.

To use these and other templates, go to our Resume Builder, where you can pick a design, fill out each resume section, and download versions of your resume that you can edit in Google Docs.

More Resume Templates

Google Docs also has a handful of resume templates you can use, such as the ones below.

Modern Writer

This template is laid out in a clean one-column layout and with color fonts to set off your previous job titles and educational credits.


This two-column layout provides room to feature your skills, awards and other credentials while still leaving space for details on work history.


The bold green font used in this layout links the job seeker’s job title with skills, work history, education and awards.


Strong borders between each section and an orange font for the job seeker’s specialty and contact information make this document easy to read.

How to Create a Resume in Google Docs

  • You need to first sign up for a Google account, if you haven’t already. Once you’re signed in, go straight to Google Docs.
  • Click on “template gallery” on the top right. You’ll be taken to the Google Docs template page, where you will find resume templates under the “Personal” category.

Create a Resume in Google Docs

  • Click on the design you want to work with. The template will open up, ready for filling in. You can also change the name of the document by clicking on “Resume” in the title.

Create a Resume in Google Docs

  • When you’re finished writing and editing your resume, you can either share it directly as a link via the “Share” button at the top right, or download it by going under File > Download. Note that you have several file format options for download. Use the format that best fits with each employer needs.

Create a Resume in Google Docs

How to Upload or Copy a Resume into Google Docs

  • If you want to load a preexisting resume into Google Docs, go to the Google Docs homepage and click on “Blank” under “Start a New Document,” then click on File > Open.

Upload or Copy a Resume into Google Docs

  • On the next screen, choose “Upload.” You’ll then choose your file or drag it into the upload box.

Upload or Copy a Resume into Google Docs

  • Once you’ve opened your document, you can edit and save it just like if you created the document in Google Docs.

Upload or Copy a Resume into Google Docs

Extra Tip: If you’re using one of our templates and want to fill it in and edit it in Google Docs, first download the resume as a Word document and then upload the document into Google Docs.

Copying and Pasting a Resume Into Google Docs

Sometimes it’s just easier to copy the content of a preexisting resume into Google Docs and then create a new layout or change the fonts. The simplest way to do so is to (1) copy and paste the entire original resume into Google Docs, (2) highlight the entire text, and (3) clear all formatting by going under Format > Clear formatting. You can then reorganize the layout and make font changes as you wish.

5 Tips for Your Google Docs Resume

  • Create and save different versions of your resume. It’s not just a good idea to create different versions of your resume to target different job opportunities: it’s essential. In Google Docs, it’s easy to create a copy of your resume and customize it for different jobs. Just go under File > Make a Copy, give the copy of your document a new name, and you’re ready to go.

Tips for Your Google Docs Resume

  • Inspect your formatting. Whether you’re opening a template in Google Docs, uploading or cutting and pasting a resume from another type of file, or downloading your document, always inspect the layout and fonts. Sometimes font sizes inadvertently change or the spacing between sections gets thrown off a bit. Always compare your Google Docs document with the original template to make sure everything matches up.
  • Recover from mistakes easily. If you make changes to your resume that messes with the layout or you decide that you need to start your editing from scratch, it’s easy to walk back what you’ve done. Click on File > Version History > See Version History. This allows you to go back to earlier versions of your document and pick up your editing from there.


Version History

  • Get a second opinion. Another advantage of shared Google Docs is the ability for others to read and comment on your work (and it’s always a good thing to have a second pair of eyes for review). Just share the link to the doc with a trusted reviewer, and they can make suggestions using Google Docs’ “Comment” feature.

Tips for Your Google Docs Resume

  • Don’t overshare. When sharing your resume link with potential employers, you’ll want to avoid the uncomfortable scenario of hiring managers from different companies looking at your resume at the same time. (Trust us, they’ll notice.) To avoid this, create a duplicate of your resume to be shared with each individual employer.
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